75 Minute Natal Chart Reading and Consulting Session

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You are SO much more than your Sun sign. In fact, if you feel like your Sun sign sounds nothing like you, there is a reason for that!

Here's the deal. The positions of the planets, along with the aspects to them can provide you with a whole world of insight about the way that you work.


I like to think of a natal chart as a road map to the potential for your life. Once you gain an understanding of what all of those symbols and squiggly lines in your birth chart are trying to tell you, it's like opening up a box of tools that you never knew you had on hand.

Wondering what you're supposed to do with your life? Going through a rough patch and need some guidance? Curious as to why you keep on doing the same dang thing over and over and over? If so, this offering may be ideal for you.



  1. After purchasing your session, I will reach out to you via email to set up a time to meet. Email me at toni@jupitersplayground.com
  2. I will need for you to provide me with the following information: birth date, birth time, and birth place. 
  3. I will need a few days to pull together the information for our meeting. Be sure to provide me with any specific questions that you have ahead of time so that I can be sure to look into it for you.
  4. We meet! We will have 90 minutes to discuss your chart, along with any issues or topics you would like to cover during our time. 

I'm really excited to meet with you!


Q: Do I need to know my exact birth time?

A: If you know your exact birth time, that is ideal since the reading will be a lot more accurate and I will be able to find out a lot more about what areas of your life are being directly affected by the transits. If you have a general idea, please provide the closest approximation.


Q: Can I purchase this for someone else?

A: As long as they know that you are purchasing it for them, sure. 


Q: Can you read someone else's chart for me?

A: This is where things get hairy on an ethical level. The other person would need to know that I am going to be reading their chart. 


Q: Can you take a look at my chart and the chart of my significant other and tell us if we're compatible?

A: Sure! As long as your significant other is good with it and knows I'm doing it.


Q: Can you take a look at my child's chart?

A: I LOVE doing readings on families and I also LOVE helping parents navigate sticky issues with their children by looking into what is happening in their charts. So YES! If you are going to be using the information to help inform your parenting and it is in the best interest of the child, absolutely.


Q: I'm going through a Saturn/Chiron Return/tough period of my life. Can you help?

A: Absolutely. We can either do one session, or we can put together a program where I help you navigate through the time. Just email me at toni@jupitersplayground.com


Q: Do you take wig suggestions?

A: Absolutely!