Astrology on Tap - 5 pack ($20 each!)

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Sometimes you just want some quick insight to what is happening in your stars. 

This can be brought up by unexpected circumstances, relationship surprises, a general feeling of uneasiness, and/or maybe things are going amazing and you want to know what to do to keep the good juice flowing.

With Astrology on Tap you can purchase a pack of 5 astrology mini-readings. You may choose to send me your question via email, Facebook Messenger, or on Voxer. From there the both of us will use Voxer (it's a walkie talkie app) to discuss what is happening with you both in the stars and in your life. I will then provide you with direction as to what steps to take in order to keep your life flowing in the best way possible.

Think of it as astrology maintenance!

Unsure about Voxer? Never fear! I'll walk you through the process to make it fun and painless.